Since 2012, Conscious Care Publishing has opened doors to authors to assist them to self-publish their book.

We make it our business to coordinate the process of publishing your manuscript into print or digital ebook and is purely to support new self-published authors get their manuscript into the market place and get paid for their hard work!

The publishing business can be very daunting and cumbersome and there are plenty of want-to-be publishers that will take your money, hand you a printed book or upload your electronic book and walk away. That is not our intent! What our business is designed is...niche.

We do everything different to the run of the mill publishers....

  • We deduct only 20% royalties from your sales after costs for distribution & shipping fees if you publish under our brand...However if you are setting up your own brand and selling your book and we aren’t, we deduct nothing! You do the work...You should get the rewards!
    If you publish with us, we pay you monthly from any sales made through the distribution channels and our website...Yes monthly so you can get on with writing your next book and earn some cash from your hard-earned work! We don’t make you wait for 12-18 months after the book is released to send you a lousy 1-5% royalty.
  • You write your manuscript and you know what publishing your book is going to cost you...UPFRONT!
    We are honest with you. We won’t publish something just to take your money. That is not our profession. When publishing under our brand, we expect that your book be professionally edited with us prior to publishing your book. If you are publishing under your brand, you have to make sure it is edited and proof read for that professional finish.
  • We charge you to publish your book which includes the layout and design, because it takes our time to get it formatted and uploaded to the required sites and registrations. We suggest lots of layouts and designs for the marketing purposes that you want. You know your market best, if not, we can help you!
  • We don’t take over your book. It’s yours, not ours! You own all rights to your work. We will suggest changes, but it’s your work and your baby. Not ours!
  • Our team of professionals can also help you if your manuscript isn’t in the best of shape or hand written, we can get into shape for you. If your manuscript needs work, either copy or structural editing, we’ll quote you so you know what it is going to cost.
    Proofreading, design, illustrations and graphic designs is another service we can provide or show you where to go for help.
  • So many self-published authors don’t know how to get their books into bookstores and libraries let alone online with all the best distributors. We link your book to all the distribution chains you need, so your readers can buy anywhere in the world. Printed books are available worldwide in bookstores and libraries etc. Electronic books are uploaded on all the largest online distributors such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Apple iBookstore etc.
  • Are you great at writing and not so great at selling your book? Marketing your book can be like meandering through the woods and we can help you design a marketing plan and implement it.
  • We use the latest in methods for Print On Demand digital techniques using IngramSpark that saves our environment and keeps your costs down. We can also provide press printing for bulk orders and consignment orders into bookstores however consignment orders and royalties are paid very differently to Print On Demand publishing. Please talk to us about consignments orders!
  • We can also assist you with branding, social media marketing, website design and lots more.
  • We publish all genres from self-help, thrillers, adult romance, children through to cook or travel books. However we do demand quality publications.