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Mind Chatter That Matters Print Book

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Author Liz Atherton – Empowerment Coach & Intuitive has written this book to help people understand how your psychological mind works with your soul.

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Are you tired of feeling stuck, indecisive by endless Mind Chatter? Why do some people succeed, while others do not? There is a depression and mental illness epidemic in the world today due to life’s stresses. We all experience negative events in our life and are each affected very differently. Often, these decisions are driven by a lack of love in our lives, fear of rejection, or abandonment, rather than growing, moving past our pain, and enriching our life with true joy and happiness.

Whilst we all have conflict within our minds, learning to understand the four different voices within your mind, and their agenda, is paramount to understanding the psyche. So many people are meandering through life, with no real direction other than following the expectations of their society/family/relationship, feeling numb and unaccounted for, with no real clue as to their true purpose and passions for their life. Fascinating, illuminating, and compelling, Mind Chatter That Matters…will show you:

  • How your negative experiences hold you back from growing and being happy
  • How you may self-sabotage when you experience pain, depression, anxiety, and abandonment, or just feel you don’t fit in
  • How to witness the conflict, and get a win-win with your inner conflict
  • How you to gain control over who your decision maker is
  • Tools to overcome anything you have been through
  • How to integrate your Intuitive Self to your ego mind
  • How to learn the tools within allow you to flourish, regardless of your experiences.

Through her no-nonsense style, and loving approach, author, Liz Atherton provides non-stop insights, and practical observations, as to how the psyche gets overloaded when conflict occurs. Using Sigmund Freud, and Carl Jung’s philosophies, taught in psychology classes throughout the world, she clearly explains how it all fits together, so you can embrace your life….your way. This inspiring, and empowering book, will bring welcome relief to anyone who ever felt like they didn’t have all the answers to their life’s happiness.


ISBN: 9780994540485

Author: Liz Atherton

Publisher: Conscious Care Publishing Pty Ltd


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